Protect your skin from sun damage…and a little bit more!

Here I’m showcasing some of the best facial sun protection on the market that don’t just protect from the sun. They have various other unique characteristics which make them ideal choices for upcoming Spring and Summer.

Many people think SPF as thick white sun cream like Nivea or Soltan and as such, aren’t keen to put it on their face. Understandable. However, facial SPF is completely different and very much worth investing in a multipurpose one.

Sun exposure is one of the biggest skin ageing factors and also increases the risk of melanoma and other unsightly skin lesions such as solar lentigo and solar keratosis. Prevention is always better than cure!

Let’s go through my favourite ones…

1. Teoxane Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF 30

Like a tinted moisturiser. No need for make up. Hydrates and protects agains environmental pollution too. Ideal for city breaks. Smooth, light and fresh.

2.  ZO SPF 30 and primer

Tinted. Doubles as a primer and covers pores. Make-up goes on flawlessly. Can be worn alone as a complexion improver.

3. ZO Powder SPF 30

Tinted face powder with SPF protection. Can be used on top of make up or alone. Light reflective particles. Matte finish. Can be used as a final step in conjunction with one of the others for extra protection and a little more coverage.


4. ZO Daily Sheer SPF 50

Sweat and shower proof. Ideal for runners or beach visits. Lightweight and easily absorbed. Needs reapplied every few hours.

Unfortunately the full video was too large to upload to the blog but here is a link to the instagram reel: No Basic SPFs Here

Remember, SPF all day every day…..regardless of the weather. Reapply a few times a day. You’ll thank me for it in 20 years!



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