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Hepatitis B & Tetanus Booster

Treatment focus

Safety at Work

If you are a professional who may have contact with body fluids you should be vaccinated against Hepatitis B. The NHS provides this for healthcare professionals however tattoo artists, advanced beauty therapists and semi permanent make up artists are often left to their own devices.

Many GP surgeries are reluctant to prescibe Hep B courses for these professionals, seeing it as an Occupational Health duty. Where does that leave small businesses with no Occupational Health dept?

With a background in travel health and vaccination, I am able to offer a variety of Hepatitis B vaccination schedules and boosters.

I also offer Tetanus boosters on request.

Hepatitis B course

The Hepatitis B vaccination course consists of three or four vaccines spaced out over a period of time to build permanent immunity. It is wise to have your titres checked 6-8 weeks following completion of the course to check immunity.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

I have 15 years experience of the UK child vaccination schedule and WHO recommendations for travel vaccinations. I use the Green Book and Travax to keep up to date.