my charity work

Balkan Underdogs

A not for profit organisation helping animals survive the harsh conditions as strays in Serbia

volunteering and fundraising

About Balkan Underdogs and my role

Balkan Underdogs saves dogs and cats from persecution on the streets of Serbia. They offer Serbian pet owners access to spay & neuter programmes to help tackle the problem of stray puppies and kittens. Feral colonies and packs will also be trapped, neutered and returned. BU also help improve conditions for stray dogs in government pounds. Where appropriate, they rehome some of these animals to the UK where loving families can help them overcome their traumas and live their best lives.

I work in the cat side of Balkan Underdogs. I do the cat home checks, I do promotional work to get cats noticed, I liaise with rescuers in Serbia for the latest information and I write educational articles for the Blog. I also fund raise in the clinic at least once or twice a year.

My own Balkan babies

Frankie, Charlie and Gordon

I have three Balkan Underdogs rescue cats. Frankie, Gordon and Charlie. I talk about them all the time in clinic.

All three were rescued from the streets of Serbia but Charlie especially is a Balkan Underdogs ‘against the odds’ success story. With all the care and love he got, he bounced back from some horrific injuries and is now an energetic, happy little man living his life to the full!