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Suture & Surgical Staple Removal

Treatment focus

Wound Healing

The clinic offers a suture & surgical staple removal service.

If you cannot get a convenient appointment at your surgery or you don’t want to feel rushed, there is the option to come to the clinic for a private service and have your sutures or staples removed carefully and have a thorough check of your wound to ensure healing is appropriate.

With a surgical background and a long career in General Practice, suture removal was part of my daily job for many years.

Scar minimisation

When you have your sutures or staples removed, you will be given advice on healing and scar minimisation. Microneedling with Skinpen can be considered at little as 8 weeks after sutures are removed.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

I have 22 years of experience in suture/staple removal and wound healing/scar minimisation. Your wound will be fully assessed when your sutures are removed.