Anti Wrinkle Treatment:
Crows feet OR Frown only: £130
Two areas: £170
Three Areas: £200
Four Areas: £250
Full Chemical brow lift involving crows feet and brows: £170
Tail of brow lift only: £70
Chin and downturned mouth: £140
Gummy smile: £100
Masseter reduction: £200
Nefertiti Neck Lift/Platysma tightening: £250
Trapezius relaxing: £140
Jaw Platysma only: £140
Lower eyelid roll: £45
Intradermal cheek for Rosacea/Oily skin: £170
Hyperhidrosis Treatment:
Underarms: £300

Palms: £250

Migraine/Tension Headache Treatment:
£300 for tension treatment (Brows/forehead/trapezius only)
£400 for full migraine treatment including scalp and temple

Profhilo Skin Remodeller:
£390 for initial two treatment course
£210 maintenance treatment

Lip Filler:
Half ml syringe: £120
0.7ml syringe: £150
1ml syringe: £190

1.2ml Belotero lips (for first timers only): £220

Cheek/Chin Filler:
Restores mid face support/elongates receded chin

Starts at £190 for 1ml and £340 for 2ml

Jaw Definition:

Starts at £340 for 2ml for defining the jaw line, chin and angle of the jaw

Facial Filler (nasal folds, deep lines & under corners of mouth):
From £190 per ml depending on amount and thickness of filler required

Full Perioral Rejuvenation:
Softening of ‘smokers’ lines and restoration of aging lips: £200

Tear Trough Improvement:
£250 (if more required when settled, second sitting is only £100)

Full Face Rejuvenation (FFR):

Bespoke filler package to rejuvenate the face: from £700

Lip Filler Reversal:
Lips dissolved with prescription only drug Hyalase £100 (subject to intradermal allergy test)

Cryotherapy (skin tags/keratosis etc):
Prices start from £40 per lesion
Deals available for small, multiple lesions

Chemical Peels:
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance (superficial depth): £80

The Perfect Peel (medium depth): £200
The Perfect Peel with efficacy booster: £230

WOW Fusion Microneedling Facials:
Tailored Fusion with toxin & hyaluronic acid: £210

Follow up serum facials without toxin: £100

Hair Strengthening Program:
Injectable polynucleotides then WOW Fusion Hair with Btx
Course of 4 treatments: £550

Collagen Induction Therapy/Microneedling with SkinPen:

From £180 per session with ZO Serum
Course of three with ZO Serum: £450

Injectable Skin Boosters :
Viscoderm Hydrobooster or Belotero Revive: £150 per 1ml targeted treatment, course of 2 treatments 4 weeks apart £280
Teosyal Redensity 1: 3ml full face for full skin rejuvenation: £300. Course of 3ml then 1ml booster 4 weeks apart: £400
PhilArt Polynucleotides Eye treatment:
£280 course of two treatments 4 weeks apart, £150 maintenance treatment
PhilArt Polynucleotides for Scarring:
£320 course of two treatments 4 weeks apart, £160 maintenance treatment
Wedding Skin  Radiance Package (make appt 5 weeks before the event):
PhilArt Polynucleotides Eye treatment & Belotero Revive skin boosters x 2 (3 weeks apart) then Obagi chemical peel: £560
Hormonal breakout ‘skin reset’:
Obagi Chemical Peel, LED Blue Phototherapy & take home ZO Complexion Masque: £140
Dermalux LED Skin Phototherapy:
£25 to add on to the end of a treatment to boost results
Teenage Acne Solutions (age 14-18):
Mild Acne Program: ZO Complexion Renewal Skin Package and 3 weeks Phototherapy: £200
Moderate Acne Program: 2 x ZO Chemical Peels and Sulfur Masque treatments and Phototherapy booster, and Obagi Clenziderm system: £280
Severe Acne Program: Obagi Blue Radiance Peel x 3 with Phototherapy booster, ZO Sulfur masque and Obagi Clenziderm system: £320

Rosacea Treatment:
WOW Fusion with toxin and ZO Rozatrol Accelerated Serum. Take home vial of Rozatrol, Rozex cream and Teoxane Deep Repair: £240

Suture/Surgical Staple Removal with wound check:
Prices from £10 for small wounds

Hepatitis B Vaccination:
£45 per injection. Course of 3 required for first time full immunity.

Tetanus Booster: £35

Travel Consultations & Vaccines (rough guide & subject to change):
Consultation 40 mins: £40
Malarone malaria tablets: £3 per tablet (one tablet daily & for 7 days after leaving)
Doxycycline malaria capsules: from £45 course (one capsule daily & for 4 weeks after leaving)

Hepatitis A: £50 per vaccine
Hepatitis B: £45 per vaccine
Hepatitis A & B combined: £70 per vaccine
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio: £35 per vaccine
Typhoid: £35 per vaccine
Cholera oral vaccine (pack of 2 doses): £60
Japanese Encephalitis: £105 per vaccine
Meningitis ACWY: £55 per vaccine
MMR: £45 per vaccine
Rabies: £80 per vaccine
Tick Borne Encephalitis: £60 per vaccine
Yellow Fever vaccine must be given at a Yellow Fever registered centre

Phlebotomy Service: Partnered with Medichecks online diagnostic & wellbeing blood testing service. Payment should be made directly to them.
If you have labels, forms, needles and blood tubes from your GP surgery or hospital clinic, blood can be drawn and given back to you as a
private service for a fee of £30. You can then hand the completed bloods back to your clinic.

B12 Replacement Therapy (if criteria met): £30 per treatment
Loading course: 6 treatments over 2 weeks £120 (will require blood levels)

All dermal filler procedures are subject to client suitability.
I will not perform any filler procedure if I feel it will not have a good outcome or will look overdone. Please respect my decision. There are many other competent practitioners around who may accommodate you.

Consultations are free. E-mail/text/whatsapp: [email protected] or 07944 063648, or visit Sharon Muir Aesthetics on Facebook messenger or @sharonmuiraesthetics on Instagram.

I have over 20 years nursing and injecting experience, and 10 years experience in Medical Aesthetics, Travel Health and Prescribing.