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Polynucleotides are not fillers or skinboosters. They are not made of hyaluronic acid but rather purified marine DNA (unsuitable for those with a fish allergy). They are a unique stimulating and hydrating treatment that is completely absorbed within a few hours.

Polynucleotides have a regenerating propety. They promote collagen and fibroblast stimulation while counteracting free radicals and oxidative stress. This gives the skin a healthier appearance.

Because Polynucleotides are not fillers or skin boosters deposited into the skin, they are suitable for almost everyone and are especially useful for around the delicate eye area. They take time to work, with results first being noticed a few weeks after the second treatment. After the 2-3 initial treatments 4 weeks apart, maintenance is every 6 months.

Polynucleotide Eye

The eye area is often not suitable for filler, skin booster or even botulinum toxin. With a tiny needle, Polynucleotides can be injected to the delicate skin around the eye and even the eyelids, helping revitalise an area that often ages quickly.

It’s worth noting that this treatment is not suitable for vegans as it contains purified marine DNA.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

Treatment schedule is 2-3 treatments 4 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are evey 6 months.