Dermal Fillers

Cheek Filler Treatment


Sculpt and Volumise

Cheek filler can do two things: define the cheekbones and plump the mid cheek. The technique and product is different for each result.

To lift and define the cheekbones naturally, I use a needle and my product of choice will always be a robust filler to mimic bone. This is injected painlessly down to bone level to lift and give structure.

To plump the mid cheeks I use a cannula to deposit filler into the deep fat pads and superficial tissues. This will plump the tissues up. My product of choice for this area is Teosyal RHA 4 because it is a dynamic yet strong product which moves with facial expression to avoid the dreaded hamster cheek look. Cheeks are fully settled and healed within 2 weeks.

Often treating the midface in this way helps to reduce the look of a slightly sagging jawline and nose to mouth lines.

Contrary to popular belief, cheek filler can last several years in the deep tissues but is undetectable once integrated. This leads to the mistaken conclusion that it has gone.

Product Focus

The Teoxane Approach

Teoxane’s multilayer approach uses two different rheologies to give structure to the deep layers and volume to the superficial fat pads. Two different products working in complete harmony: Ultra Deep and RHA 4.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

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