The clinic offers a mentoring service for up to three clinicians at any given time. This includes a prescribing service and further training opportunies. I am present during these clinical sessions due to regulations but each clinician works autonomously within their scope of expertise. Rates for mentorship available on request, however at the moment there are three clinicians already working in the programme. I do not prescribe for anyone other than the clinicians I mentor. Remote prescribing is illegal.

I have a very strict criteria for any clinician who will have access to my patients. I require professional registration number and certificate of aesthetic training for shadowing. Please note, I only accept clinicians who have been trained in aesthetics by a medical professional and can provide evidence of this.  Non-medic training academy certificates will not be accepted. I expect clinicians to have at least 12 months post registration experience to develop the basic skill set required to physically inject tissue, communicate effectively with medical patients, medically diagnose and problem solve. I will not mentor/shadow anyone who has not worked in their chosen field since graduation or who has literally just graduated. I expect only the highest standards and I firmly believe background experience is vital!