Opening Hours (By Appointment Only):

Monday 10am-6pm (bloods 10-11)

Tuesday 10am-6pm (bloods 10-11)

Wednesday  Closed

Thursday 10am-6pm (bloods 10-11)

Friday Mentoring clinics

Saturday 11-5pm (two Saturdays a month)

These hours are a guide and are subject to change depending on clinic bookings and other non work commitments.


Parking outside the clinic is difficult as Church Street is very busy. The address is 28 Church Street, Troon, KA10 6AU. There is a public car park in Academy Street nearby or at Morrisons (5 min walk). If you put Costa Troon in your Sat Nav it will take you directly to the Academy Street car park.

The clinic is a 7-8 min walk from the train station and is easy to find. I am happy to give directions.

General Information:

I do have a clinical mobile phone but I am rarely free to answer calls and the mobile is on silent when off duty. I prefer contact by text, email or social media so I have a record of everything to refer to also. This means there is no confusion with appointment times and I can easily give pre appointment information in writing. If you phone and I don’t answer, please don’t keep phoning every 5 minutes. I’m normally busy with a patient. Please text me your query. Remember, I do every single role in the clinic myself as well as mentor up to three other aesthetic clinicians at any given time. It’s easier for me to get back to you in my own time and give a better service if I’m given a little breathing space!

Payment is by cash, Paypal or online bank transfer. I don’t have a card machine at present.

Please bring ID if you are under 25.

I don’t like taking deposits. However, cancellations less than 24 hours before appointment time or rescheduling during busy periods will require a £50 non-refundable deposit to reappoint (this deposit covers you for two reschedules before it is taken as a cancellation fee and a further deposit is be required).
If you cancel outright, your deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee. If you attend for a treament and I decide it’s not in your best interests, I will refund your deposit as I have made the decision not to treat, not you.

If you cancel a consultation at short notice (less than 24 hours), you will be charged £20 for the reschedule. This will be deducted from your treatment cost if you go ahead with treatment and will be kept as a cancellation fee if you don’t.

On Appointment Day:

Please DO NOT bring children to your appointment. Under 14s are not permitted for insurance/public safety purposes anyway. It is an adult only environment, similar to a tattoo studio. If you are having a treatment you cannot supervise your child. Please arrange childcare or reschedule if it is an issue.

Please DO NOT bring your friends with you to your appointment. If you have friends with you, I cannot give you my full attention and you are less likely to pay attention properly to what information I give you. It’s also a higher risk for complications as it’s a distraction while injecting.

No shows don’t get reappointed. This includes consultation appointments. I have a zero tolerance policy. Please don’t ask to be reappointed. I don’t routinely take deposits so this is how I protect my time.

I have an extensive background in Neuro/ICU/Surgical/General Practice and I am an independent prescriber. Please feel free to pick my brain for any general medical advice I may be able to give you while you’re in. All my regulars do!