Dermal Fillers

Jaw/Chin Filler Treatment

Treatment focus

Redefine and Recapture

Defining the jaw and chin can have the most dramatic effect on the face. Some people have a ‘weak’ or receding chin and even just 1ml in the chin to project and shape makes a massive difference (see below). Defining the jaw is normally a combination of bone level injections to give structure and superficial cannula work to define. This is done with a combination of two different fillers to achieve the result. Many people do not have the correct facial shape for this procedure and if this is performed on an unsuitable candidate, itcan look heavy, bulky and masculine.

My products of choice for the jawline are Ultradeep for the bone level injections with a needle and RHA 4 for the superficial jawline defining with a cannula. RHA 4 is strong but flexible and moves naturally with the facial tissues. Jawline normally requires at least 1 x 1ml syringe of each.

Jawline and chin filler can swell a bit and takes around 2 weeks to fully heal and settle. It normally lasts around 18 months superfically and a few years in the deep tissues.

Anatomical considerations

Chin Augmentation

Some faces genetically have a ‘receded’ or short chin. Did you know you can completely reshape the chin thus rebalancing the face with as little as 2ml of filler?

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

The ideal male jawline is sharp and angular. The ideal female jawline is soft yet defined. Men and women have different shaped mandibles and this should be treated with respect