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Injections For Migraine/Tension Headache

Treatment focus

Injectable toxin to treat migraine

Migraine isn’t ‘just a headache’. It’s a debiltating condition which causes intense pain and can affect sight and co-ordination.

Some people can suffer more than 8 migraines a month, meaning that their quality of life is detrimentally affected. Often triptans use to treat migraines cause side effects and end up not working well over time.

This treatment is ideal for those who have struggled to manage their migraines and are looking to try something different. Botulinum toxin is injected into the scalp and neck muscles in an attempt to block certain nerve pathways.

This particular treatment is also an effective way to treat tension headache by only injecting the points where tension is held. Tension headaches and migraine are very different, please make sure you have an accurate diagnosis.

Treatment Regime

There are different injection patterns for treatment depending on the cause. If stress and tension is a headache trigger, injections will only include brows, forehead and trapezius. If you have a diagnosis of migraine, injections will include these areas and also the temple and scalp.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

A thorough clinical consultation is required to assess suitability. Please expect an hour for your appointment.