Dermal Filler

Full Face Rejuvenation

Treatment focus

Small tweaks over the entire face

Full face rejuvenation involves smaller volumes of filler applied to several areas in the face to rejuvenate with minmal volumisation. This normally is a combination of bone level cannula & needle work for structure, and superficial cannula work to define. This is done with a combination of different fillers to achieve the result.

Full face rejuvenation starts at between 4-6mls split over areas such as cheeks, chin, marionette lines, jaw, hollows at side of nose and lips.

This procedure can swell and bruise a bit. It takes around 4 weeks to fully heal and settle. It normally lasts around 2-4 years.

Anatomical considerations

Small tweaks with small volumes

A 1ml syringe of bone level filler may treat a few  smaller areas but it is wise to expect around 1ml at least in each cheek. I normally use at least two-three different types of filler when carrying out this type of procedure.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

This type of procedure is subtle and does not change the facial appearance dramatically. To look as natural as possible, it gives better results on a face with little to no existing filler