Advanced Skin Treatments

Skin Boosters

Treatment focus

Restore and Rejuvenate

Skin Boosters are cocktails of vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid injected intradermally with a fine needle.

This can cause small lumps in the skin that look like insect bites. These take around 2 days or so to disappear and results take around 3 weeks to settle. This treatment makes a difference to skin brightness and texture.

It can be performed on the face, neck, decolletage and hands. In basic terms, think of it as an injectable moisturising serum. Skin will look more hydrated and brighter. For best results, the treatment should be followed up with a booster treatment a few weeks later.

In clinic I use Teoxane Redensity 1, Viscoderm Hydrobooster, Viscoderm Skinko-e, and the new Belotero Revive.

Belotero Revive

Belotero Revive is a new product which has been specifically designed to tackle superficial sun damage (sun spots) and brighten the skin. It can be injected with a needle or cannula and can be used in conjuction with other treatments. It tackles epidermal pigmentation effectively over a few sessions and generally improves skin quality.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

There is some slight downtime involved with this procedure. The small bumps can be unsightly for a the first day or so, but settle soon after.