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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

The recent boom in patients seeking surgical procedures abroad led me to re-introduce one of my main roles in General Practice, and one of my professional passions…..Travel Health!

I have recently undertaken a post-Covid refresher travel health update to allow me to provide a comprehensive private travel consultation service. I provide advice on safety, climate, vaccinations required, bite avoidance and malaria prophylaxis. Vaccines are prescribed and ordered into clinic ad hoc, and private prescriptions are given to take to the pharmacy to dispense malaria prevention. Malaria tablets and many travel vaccines are not available via the NHS. All patients travelling abroad for surgery should also consider a course of Hepatitis B vaccination over and above the standard vaccines required for travel.

I have been working in Travel Health for over 10 years and it was one of my main roles in General Practice. I provide Travel Health consultations for general travel, not just medical travel

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism (going abroad for private procedures) is still very much dissuaded by top UK surgeons. However, more than quarter of a million travellers still seek procedures abroad, often ending up not knowing what to expect and not having any follow-up. A robust travel consultation will not only prepare you for travel, but will also help arm you to research your procedure and the risks of having it abroad. We may not be able to stop medical tourism, but we can try to make it safer.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

Travel consultations require a lot of information. Before you make an appointment, you will be expected to have your full vaccine history, list of medications, list of any health conditions and your full travel itinerary. A valid email address is required for Travel Health consultations. It is advised to book around 6 weeks before you travel to ensure all vaccines are given and have had time to form immunity. Please see Price List page for details of consultation/vaccine costs.