Biojuve. Like Yakult…but for your skin!

You’re all familiar with Yakult and probiotic drinks that use good bacteria to optimise gut health? Imagine if you could to that with your skin? Well now you can!

Crown Aesthetics (Skinpen) have launched a new skincare system with a very different approach. Biojuve uses live microbe technology to repair and strengthen the skin microbiome, enhancing good bacteria to outweigh the bad bacteria. If your skin bacteria is imbalanced you will have excess oil, dryness, breakouts, flakiness and redness.

Potent bioessentials in Biojuve complement the live microbes by providing antioxidants, fatty acids and polypeptides to help repair chronic skin stress and redness and provide an ideal environment for the microbes to do their job.

This revolutionary system boasts no requirement for irritating actives such as retinol, vitamin C or AHAs, so is suitable for all skin types. Actives can however be added into the regime if desired. The focus is on repair and rebalancing the skin and this system is second to none in achieving this.

More information available at the Biojuve website:

Now available in clinic and pricing structure is similar to that of ZO.

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