Polynucleotides. The treatment taking the Aesthetics industry by storm…

Yes I keep going on about them! You’ve probably heard a lot about them elsewhere too. What are they? Polynucleotides have powerful skin regenerative qualities without adding bulk to thinner skinned areas, for example around the eyes.

They are made from purified fish DNA (unsuitable fior vegans) which is injected with a very small needle, does the coding that it needs to do at a cellular level then disappears….a bit like a fairy Godmother!

This versatile treatments helps to strengthen skin, making it more supple and less susceptible to crepey lines. It can also be used in areas previusly unsuitable for traditional hyaluronic acid skin boosters, like the eyelids (not as bad as it sounds!) without causing puffiness and swelling.The brand I use most often in clinic is Croma’s PhilArt range. I have tried it myself and I’m a big fan of the PhilArt Eye treatment.

Two treatments are required to properly kick start the regenerative properties with an optional third for maximum results. It can be used to improve scarring too and general skin quality.

Two treatments of PhilArt Eye are on offer until the end of September at £250 (normally £280)

Have a look at the video below to get a peek at what this innovative treatment could do for you.

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