Profhilo….what you might not know….

Five things you may not know about the world of Profhilo…..


1. Training

The official distributor of Profhilo only train qualified healthcare professionals in their manufacturer approved training programme⁣. They do not train or support non-medics.

2. Purity

Profhilo is the purest concentration of hyaluronic acid available on the injectable market⁣. It is designed to spread evenly undr the skin and intensely hydrate within.

3. Authenticity

Ask your injector to see the box when getting Profhilo. Legit products have a hologram sticker of authenticity. It’s a popular treatment so it’s a target for product counterfeiting.⁣ There are many injectors who do not use the official product as they do not use manufacturer approved pharmacies due to cost.

4. Cost

Even on prescription, it can’t be bought in at under £100 basic product cost so anyone offering it really cheap is likely to be using either fake or Chinese imported products. ⁣Authentic Profhilo is a high end, luxury product with clinical date to back it up. Knock off products could be contaminated with anything.

5. Efficacy

Profhilo continues to improve the more treatments you have over time. It’s worth the investment!


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