How to minimise surgical scarring with Skinpen microneedling

Having surgery can be a worry for a variety of reasons. Don’t let scarring be one of them!

SkinPen for scarring

SkinPen is an FDA approved electronic microneedling device. Microneedling can be used from as soon as 6 weeks post suture/stample removal to help promote collagen and fibroblast production. This encourages smoother healing and helps minimise the formation of abnormal scar tissue. The fresher the scar, the better the result! A course of at least 3 treatments is recommended and this comes in at £450 (£90 off compared to recommended retail price per treatment). There is also the option of combining this with skin boosters or polynucleotides, especially with facial scarring.

In clinic I offer a suture removal/wound check service. I will be able to assess your suitabilty for Skinpen microneedling and get a treatment programme tailored to your needs.

For more info, see our page on microneedling: and you can read more about the SkinPen device here:

Note: This is not suitable for those who are prone to keloid scarring. This should be managed by a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon with a special interest in scar tissue.

90% patients recommend Skinpen


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