Get Skin Summer Ready Campaign

Let’s ‘Get Skin Summer Ready’! I’ve put together some of the best (and most expensive) skin reconditioning treatments and discounted them a little as I believe everyone deserves strong, nourished skin for Summer. Lighter makeup or no make up maybe? Just think how much more comfortable that would be on hot days. ⁣

Offer 1: Course of 3 Skinpen microneedling. The most effective microneedling pen I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a few. Normally £450. £300 until end of March. ⁣

Offer 2:  Course of 3 Skinpen microneedling and the full Biojuve probiotic skin strengthening skincare system. Between treatments, this really ramps up results. Normally £900 for both. £600 until end of March ⁣

Offer 3: WOW Fusion. Manual microneedling with a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, anti wrinkle toxin and vitamins. Normally £210. £150 until end of March⁣

Offer 4: The Perfect Peel with retinol masks. Medium depth resurfacing peel with small amount of phenol. Downtime 5 days as peeling will occur. Unsuitable for those likely to pick their skin! Normally £200, £150 until the end of March⁣

Offer 5: Profhilo course of 2 treatments on face and either neck or decolletage. Repairing and hydrating moisturiser. Normally £780, £500 until the end of March⁣

Payment to be made on first appointment to ensure course is completed. I may ask for a deposit. ⁣


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