Six Reasons Why I May Decline Your Requested Treatment….

Here are a few of the reasons I may not be keen to do your treatment:⁣

1. You already have too much filler….for me.
I hate working on top of old filler, especially if I don’t know brand, where it was placed, how much was put in, and how long ago. As soon as I put a needle or cannula near you, that previous filler has an effect on the result, and not always in a good way. I see overfilled lips, cheeks, jaws and chins FREQUENTLY. Patients get used to how they look and are sure their filler is gone. It’s not. This is a psychological condition called ‘filler blindness’. ⁣

2. Your requested treatment isn’t appropriate for you.
Not everyone is suitable for every treatment. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean it will work for you. ⁣

3. You expect surgical results from non surgical treatments.
NOTHING non surgical will have the effect of surgery. Botox or polynucleotides won’t tighten your eyes like a blepharoplasty. Filler or Profhilo won’t lift your sagging skin like a facelift. Non surgical results are subtle and not intended to make you look dramatically different. If you’re looking for lift and tightening….go for surgery.⁣

4. You don’t understand that your treatment is a relatively invasive procedure.
If you complain about my thorough consent form, moan about photos being taken, turn up in a full face of make up, say you’re going out that night and give me the impression that you see getting injected the same as getting your hair done…’re unlikely to take complications or aftercare seriously.⁣

5. You have lifestyle factors detrimental to your treatment healing and longevity.
Sunbeds and recreational drugs will make your body burn through that toxin. Why book in to get smokers lines treated if you’re still smoking? You will continue to form the lines regardless. ⁣

6. You have a condition or are on medication that may affect healing.
Steroids and DMARDS can increase chances of lumps and bumps or granuloma formation with filler. It also risks a more extreme immune response. However, there are very few conditions/medications that I won’t carry out your treatments if you are in that category. ⁣

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