Five Reasons I Don’t………

I run my clinic in a way to ensure it’s safe, adheres to regulations and provides the best service for patient wellbeing.

So, here are:

Five reasons why I don’t…⁣










1. Inject noses…..⁣


Noses are one of the riskiest areas on the face for horrific complications. I don’t need to do them to get patients in the door…so I choose not to. I like to sleep at night! There are plenty injectors out there that offer it, I don’t need to be one of them. Dermal filler is not my passion so I prefer to concentrate on other treatments. ⁣



2. Allow children on the premises…..⁣


Children are a distraction and a safety concern. If you’re constantly having to tend to your child, you’re not taking in important information. It’s also a distraction for injectors if there is a child there. You don’t want the person injecting into your face with millimetre accuracy to be distracted. The clinic is deemed an ‘adult’ environment and so my public liability insurance does not cover your child hurting himself. Please respect this and arrange child care. ⁣










3. Advertise ‘Botox’ ….⁣


Botox is a brand name, prescription only medication. ASA and medical regulatory bodies do not allow advertising of POMs. We have to refer to it simply as ‘anti wrinkle treatment’ and we must be careful how we word it. We are allowed to discuss toxin in an educational capacity but we can’t advertise it by name with a price involved.⁣










4. Work on top of lots of old filler….⁣


I have no idea how much was put in, what brand it is, what rheology it is, whether it’s cheap Korean shit or not, where it was injected, what technique was used, how much is left etc… there migration of product? Is it lumpy?⁣
Once I inject, it all becomes my responsibility and I’m often not happy to take that on. Don’t hop around injectors as you’ll find a lot of the more ethical ones will eventually choose just not work on you. Again, please respect that. You do you, that’s fine but don’t expect me to.⁣









5. Ever answer my phone….⁣


Answering my phone if I’m with a patient is rude. I don’t do it. If you don’t get an answer and incessantly keep phoning every 5 mins until I answer, it will REALLY annoy me! There is an answering service for a reason and you’ll get a better service from me if I can answer your query fully and efficiently in my own time.


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