Advanced Skincare TReatments

WOW Fusion

Treatment focus

A Revolution in Mesotherapy

WOW Fusion is a revolutionary microneedling facial using Botox infused with tailored mesotherapy serums.

Botox is mixed with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin rich mesotherapy solution, then delivered in tiny doses into the superficial skin layers via a small microneedling device. WOW Fusion hydrates and refreshes the skin, giving an all over glow and minimising crepey lines. Can be safely used around the delicate eye area.

The glow acheived with this treatment is worthy of a ‘Wow’

Conditions treated with WOW Fusion

Facial Hyperhidrosis – can help with hot flashes too
Excess oil production – makes sebaceous glands less productive
Enlarged pores – can shrink enlarged pores
Sun damage – helps brighten skin

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

WOW Fusion results can be enhanced by repeating the facial without toxin a few weeks later. Package deals available.