Dermal Fillers

Tear Trough Treatment

Treatment focus

Brighten Undereye Hollows

Some people have dark hollows under their eyes which make them look older and more tired. These can be treated by filling the tear trough. It is not suitable for anyone who frequently suffers puffy eyes or has large eye bags. There are actually very few people who have a tear trough hollow to fill. Many people complaining of tear trough hollows actually have eye bags causing the problem. This requires surgery. However, for those with actual hollows, this treatment can make a dramatic difference to eye area.

I use a cannula to do this treatment and sometimes a needle to do the outer part if this requires treating. There may be a bit of discomfort and bruising afterwards but it will fully settle in 2 weeks and lasts for up to around 18-24 months.

There is only one product I will use to do this area. Teosyal Redensity 2 is the only product licensed for the tear trough area. It is a very soft and flexible filler which doesn’t swell much.

Anatomical considerations

Periorbital Rejuvenation

This area is incredibly delicate and as such, there is very little margin for error. I use Teosyal Redensity 2, the only product licensed in the UK for this particular area.

Sharon Muir BSc/RGN/INP

There are few patients who are good candidates for this treatment. It is unsuitable for those who suffer puffy eyes frequently.