How to look after fresh lip filler….

10 post lip filler tips to help your result heal perfectly…⁣
Its always better to be armed with a bit of aftercare information before your appointment.
Do you know how to look after fresh lip filler?⁣
I always give an aftercare leaflet to help you know what to expect, however there are a 10 things you can do to help things go smoothly.⁣
1. Have a supply of a antihistamines in the house and Zovirax cream if you get coldsores ⁣
2. Avoid heavy exercise for 24-48 hours depending on severity of swelling ⁣
3. Don’t eat hot and spicy food the rest of the day after injection ⁣
4. Use a clean cold pack to minimise swelling ⁣
5. Don’t touch your lips with bare hands⁣
6. Don’t massage the filler⁣
7. Take arnica tablets for bruising ⁣
8. Avoid sun exposure or sunbeds while the filler settles (7 days approx)⁣
9. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours ⁣
10. Avoid salty food while the swelling peaks or you’ll retain fluid
Full aftercare leaflet is given at your appointment but you can read it here beforehand: Lip Aftercare

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