WOW Fusion Advanced now available!

Wow Fusion advanced facial is a revolutionary new microneedling experience……with Botox!

This procedure uses a full 50 units of toxin for targeting the skin rather than the muscles! Taking bookings now at this low introductory price. ⁣

Perfect for :⁣
Facial sweating ⁣
Excess oil production ⁣
Large pores⁣
Crepey fine lines⁣
Dull skin⁣
Hydration and rejuvenation

WOW Fusion does NOT affect the deeper muscles and is different from traditional ‘Botox’ treatment. Although the total dosage used is the same for three areas of upper face toxin, each needle prick is a minuscule dose and there are hundreds of them, expertly designed to target only certain layers of the skin. ⁣

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