Christmas Offers! Now live….

Chistmas offers featuring some of your all time favourite treatments at crazy prices….and little added extras. These are not to be missed. Read on….

Offer 1

Profhilo. 2 treatments of two areas (face and neck or face and decolletage) with free hydrating body patches and free clinical grade moisturiser. Treatments are 4 weeks apart.
£500. A massive saving of £280!

This is the most popular and most potent hyaluronic acid bio remodeller on the market. I swear by this and it’s hands down my favourite treatment. ⁣ More information on how the product works found here:

Offer 2

Skinpen microneedling with one vial of ZO Accelerated Firming Serum at first treatment. Course of 3 treatments 4 weeks apart.
£400. Saving of £50 and FREE ZO Serum worth £65

This great for smoothing out skin, tightening and rejuvenating by stimulating collagen production. Micro channels in the skin enhance the efficacy of your skincare products significantly. ⁣More information on how Skinpen transforms the skin found here:

Offer 3

Biojuve complete probiotic skin system with live microbes to rebalance all skin types. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin and skin repair. No other products or actives are required. This is a complete system and does the job on its own. £350. A saving of £50.

I’m using this just now and it’s been a game changer for me! It’s like Yakult for your skin. Utilising hair follicles to penetrate and keep the ‘good’ bacteria working 24/7. Balancing the microbiome is the best thing you can do for your skin’s health. More info on how probiotics are changing how we care for our skin here:

All treatment offers are booking until 5 January. Gift vouchers for each particular package deal are also available. First appointment to be booked for before 5 Jaunuary 2023.


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