Profhilo Introductory Offer


Taking bookings for Profhilo tissue remodelling! First available Monday 25 July.⁣
Bio-remodeller for the superficial layers of the skin, not for replacing lost volume or sagging deep fat pads. Works well as a follow up to microneedling and chemical peels. ⁣
*Improves elasticity ⁣
*Renews collagen⁣
*Improves skin quality ⁣
*Gives skin a more youthful appearance⁣
*Reduces crepey fine lines ⁣
*Suitable for the neck also⁣
*Fewer injections than skin boosters⁣
*No down time ⁣
*Target demographic for best results aged 40-60 but can be used from early 30s as subtle rejuvenation ⁣
Two treatments 4 weeks apart and maintenance treatments every 3-6 months ⁣
Introductory price for July and August £370 for the course of two (normally £420)
**The only approved and manufacturer recognised training for Profhilo is for Healthcare Professionals only and products are sourced from approved pharmacies only. There are fake versions on the market from unregulated internet wholesalers. Stay safe!**

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