FAQ: Can I have lip filler if I have my lips pierced?



Answer: Yes, but there are some things you should bear in mind….

1. Go to a practitioner who has before and after photos to prove they are experienced in working on pierced lips.

2. Don’t get filler until any new piercing is completely settled. Piercings can get irritated at any time so always make sure there are no signs of infection or irritation at your piercing sites, even if it seems minor to you. Always disclose any tissue changes. An experienced injector will always inspect the tissue around a piercing before injecting.

3. Take into account swelling. If your lip piercings are quite neat or flush and you tend to swell or bruise on injury, consider changing to the jewellery your piercer originally put in. As with ANY jewellery change, do it with clean hands and clean jewellery and monitor the sites for redness afterwards. Changing your jewellery will allow for tissue changes without severe discomfort. You can also consider getting¬† a piece with a longer bar temporarily but it’s really often not necessary if you manage your swelling post procedure.

4. Be meticulous with your aftercare. Not only is it required for your lips healing, it is required for the health of your surrounding piercings.

5. Don’t get a lip piercing soon after lip filler. Wait at least 2-3 months until the filer has settled and integrated into the tissue fully.

6. DON’T touch your lips after injection. Lots of people do this despite being told not to.¬† It increases risk of infection significantly.

7. Wear a lip balm with SPF in it and made from natural emollients such as cocoa/shea butter. Avoid Vaseline.

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